Plant Construction

Since the middle of the sixties, the focus of our business activities has been set on the construction of industrial plants. The obligation to efficient detail engineering and perfect logistics for delivering the steel construction is one of the remarkable characteristics of Schauenberg. 

Major clients worldwide rely on our service profile custom-made for the needs of the construction of large-scale plants:

  • competent and innovative consulting already during cost estimates and quotations
  • perfect job management
  • detail engineering in our own technical office
  • shortest time for execution of detail engineering within field of business
  • computer integrated manufacturing with highly modern machines in all workshops
  • fabrication of special construction units by qualified employees
  • highest quality standard for any requirements of corrosion protection
  • centralized transportation logistics for worldwide shipping
  • own erection staff with worldwide and long-time experience concerning special requirements for sites in operating industrial plants
  • highest flexibility in all departments according to the maxim:
    Adhering to the deadline is our commitment! 


We are your partner qualified for any construction part in industrial plants.
Especially efficient we can meet your requirements for the following steel structures:

  • process and refinery furnaces
  • apparatus structures
  • cold boxes for air separation plants
  • pipe bridges
  • flue gas cleaning plants
  • life-science plants
  • flue gas ducts
  • steel stacks
  • bunkers
  • flare towers
  • buildings in composite construction  

Difficult erections and complex reconstructions within a highly sensitive schedule (shut-down jobs) are some of our specialties. 

Official qualifications and accommodating special requirements of each client and project for the delivery and work in big industrial plants are an integrated part of our quality procedures. 

With our worldwide experience in national regulations we are able to support our clients in interpreting the rules to optimize the execution of a project. 

Our special department for turn-key industrial and office buildings belongs to our company and is able to cover all other parts of industrial constructions beyond structural steel meeting the individual demands of each client.